UHT Milk is produced from cow milk. Raw milk is The milk is heated above 135°C to kill spores in the milk. The milk is heated for 1 or 2 seconds. The heating increases the shelf-life of the milk substantially. Afterwards it is packed in aseptic carton packaging (5-layers) with a capacity of 1 liter.

The finished product can be used to prepare food or it can be consumed directly by the consumers of all age groups, except those who suffer from allergy to milk proteins or lactose intolerance.

Storage conditions at the customer’s

  • UHT milk should be stored in temperature not higher than 25 C and not longer than to best before date given on the packaging. After opening it should be stored under refrigerated conditions and only for a few more days.
  • Our milk is sustainable (smaller volume, smaller carbon footprint, shelf stable)
  • Our milk and milk products are a major source of nutrients, affordable,
    acceptable and accessible
  • The complex and unique combination of foods and bio-active components in
    our milk and milk products and their mutual interaction (matrix effect)
  • offer specific advantages for the health of bones , blood pressure and
    weight balance
  • Drinking our milk is associated with a lower risk of strokes
    Our milk contains high grade proteins, minerals (e.g. calcium, fosfor,
    kalium, zink, jodium) and a variety of vitamins (e.g. vitamine B2, B12
    en A)

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