Semi Skimmed Milk (1,5% low fat)

Semi Skimmed Milk (1,5% Low-Fat)

Milky Holland’s Semi-skimmed Milk is made from fresh cow milk which has been gently treated with ultra-high temperature (UHT), to make it last longer even without refrigerator. Milky Holland’s Semi-skimmed Milk offers the same delicious taste and quality as Milky Holland’s Whole Milk, however with a lower fat content.

Application of the product

Milky Holland’s Semi-skimmed Milk is perfect as a nutritious drink, on cereal as well as for cooking, baking and desserts. This product can be consumed directly from the carton, which tastes best when served cold. Discover the quality of Milky Holland’s Semi-skimmed Milk and provide the best for your family.

Nutritional Values (Per 100 ml)
Energetic Value (kcal) 47
Energetic Value (kJ) 196
Protein 3.3 gram
Carbohydrates 4.9 gram
  Of which sugars 4.9 gram
Fats 1.5 gram
  Of which saturated fats 1 gram
Dietary fibre 0.0 gram
Sodium 0.05 gram
Salt 0.1 gram


Physical Specifications
Antibiotics Absent
Colour White cream
Odour & Taste Typical


Packaging Specifications
Origin EU
Packaging 1 Litre
Storage The milk can be stored at ambient temperatures unopened. Once opened, this product is perishable and should be kept refrigerated (max 6°C)


Logistics Information
Container Type 20 ft. Dry Container
Units Per Box 12
Units Per Container 21,6000