Full Cream / Whole (FCMP)

Full Cream / Whole (FCMP) Filled Milk

Sweetened condensed filled milk is produced by evaporating water out of the milk with added vegetable fat. All other components are retained in the substance. Sweetened condensed filled milk is pasteurised before packaging, that way its shelf-life is approx. 12 months. Sweetened condensed filled milk is in compliance with the standards and regulations for ford safety in the country of origin and Codex Alimentarius.

Application of the Product

Condensed milk is suitable as a substitute for milk. It is commonly see in beverages, deserts, sweets or used in bread spreads, fillings and toppings. Condensed milk is often used for baking. By adding a cup of water to a cup of condensed milk it is possible to revert to regular milk.

Chemical specifications

  • Protein: 2,0 – 4,5%
  • Fat: 8,0 – 10,0%
  • Sucrose: > 45,0
  • pH: 5,6 – 6,6

Physical Specifications

  • Scorched Particles: Disc A / B
  • Antibiotics: Absent
  • Colour: White to Cream
  • Odour and Taste: Typical


  • Standard Plate Count: < 10.000 CFU per gr
  • Coliforms: < 50 CFU per gr
  • E. Coli: Absent
  • Enterobacteriaceae: <  10 CFU per gr
  • Salmonella: Absent
  • Yeast & Moulds: < 100 CFU per gr

Packaging Specifications

  • Origin: EU
  • Packaging: tins 380 gr / tins 1 kg
  • Storage: Cool, dry, clean, fresh environment <25ºC or humidity <65%
  • Shelf-life: 12 months


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