Flavoured Milk (200ml – 1000ml)

Flavoured Milk

Milky Holland’s Flavoured Milk is produced using fresh cow milk. The milk is heated for 1 or 2 seconds above 135°C to kill spores in the milk. The heating increases the shelf-life of the milk substantially. After heating, flavour is added to the substance. Milky Holland’s Flavoured Milk is available in the flavours: Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Application of the product

Milky Holland’s Flavoured Milk is perfect as a nutritious drink, full of vitamins and minerals; making it the perfect tasty and healthy snack.

Physical Specifications
Antibiotics Absent
Colour Depends on the product
Odour & Taste Depends on the product


Packaging Specifications
Origin EU
Packaging 250 ml
Storage The milk can be stored at ambient temperatures unopened. Once opened, this product is perishable and should be kept refrigerated (max 7°C)
Shelf-life Production + 12 months in closed packaging


Logistics Information
Container Type 20 ft. Dry Container
Units Per Box 18


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