Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is a dairy product with about 60% of the water removed from fresh milk. It differs from sweetened condensed milk, which contains added sugar. It is commercially sterilized at 240-245 °F (115-118 °C) for 15 minutes. A slightly sweet flavor results from the high heat process, and it is slightly darker in color than ordinary milk. Evaporated milk can be made from both whole milk and skimmed milk. In either case, the milk is homogenized and then the water is removed by gently heating it. The evaporated milk product is sealed in cans which are then heated to kill any bacteria in the milk which gives it an extremely long shelf life (months, year depending on the fat and sugar content). Evaporated milk is attractive for shipping purposes.

The liquid product is mixed with a proportionate amount of water, evaporated milk becomes the rough equivalent of fresh milk. You can use Evaporated as a substitute for milk or cream, for instance in coffee and tea or poured over cereal. Evaporated milk can also be used in different recipes (toast, gravy, etc).

Nutritional value of the product

  • The evaporation process also concentrates the nutrients and the food energy. Thus, for the same weight, undiluted evaporated milk contains more food energy than fresh milk
  • Per serving: calories: 120, total fat: 5%, saturated fat: 2g 10%, cholesterol: 5%, sodium: 2%, carbohydrates: 7%, sugars 21 g, protein 3 g, vitamin A: 2%, vitamin C: 2% and calcium: 10%

Storage conditions at the customer

  • Evaporated milk can be stored for at least a year, although you should always check the use-by date printed on the can
  • Cool, dry, clean, fresh environment of max. 25ºC
  • Once you open the can, you should store the milk in the refrigerator, preferably not in the original can but in a glass container, and use it within seven days

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