Demineralised Whey Powder, 25KG

Demineralised Whey Powder

Milky Holland’s Demineralised Whey Powder is spray dried. The product from the removal of water and 90% of the minerals from fresh sweet whey. Fresh sweet whey is the byproduct of natural cheese manufacturing. Demineralised whey powder is in compliance with the standards and regulations for food safety in the country of origin and Codex Alimentarius.


Applications of the product

Milky Holland’s Demineralised Whey Powder is suitable for a wide range of applications, including suitable for baby food and infant formulas and confectionery, dairy products, ice cream and bakery.


Chemical Specifications
Protein > 12%
Moisture < 3%
Fat > 1%
Lactose approx. 82,6%
Ash < 1%


Physical Specifications
Scorched Particles Disc A / B
Antibiotics Absent
Colour Creamy white
Odour & Taste Slightly sweet


Microbiological Specifications
Standard Plate Count < 10.000 CFU per g
Bacillus cereus < 100 CFU per g
Enterobacteriaceae Absent
Sulfite Reducing Clostridia < 10 CFU per g
Yeast & Moulds < 100 CFU per g
Coag. Positive Staph. < 10 CFU per g
E-Coli Absent
Salmonella Absent


Packaging Specifications
Origin  EU
Packaging 25 kg net weight multi walled kraft paper bag with polyethylene liner
Storage cool, dry, clean, fresh environment < 25ºC or humidity < 65%
Shelf-life 24 months


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