Caramel Dip (6%)

Sweetened Condensed Milk Caramel Dip

Milky Holland’s Sweetened Condensed Caramel Dip is a preparation made from fresh full cream milk and sugar from which water has been evaporated and then cooked over low heat until it thickens and caramelizes. This dairy product is also known as Dulce de Leche.

Applications of the Product

Caramel Dip Sweetened Condensed Milk is perfect for your sweet recipes or to accompany your pancakes, ice cream and fruit.


Nutritional Values (Per 100 gram)
Energy 1271 kJ
301 kcal
Fat 6.0 gram
  of which Saturates 3.5 gram
Carbohydrates 56.2 gram
  of which Sugars  56.2 gram
Fibre 0.0 gram
Protein 5.5 gram
Salt 0.15 gram


Packaging Specifications
Origin  EU
Packaging  Tins 397 g / Tins 950 gram
Storage  Cool, dry, clean, fresh environment
< 15ºC or humidity < 85%
Shelf-life  12 months


Logistics Information
Container Type 20 ft. Dry Container
Units Per Box 397 gram:    48
950 gram:    24
Units Per Container 397 gram:    54000
950 gram:    24000

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