Butter Replacement / Substitute

Butter Replacement / Substitute

Butter replacer
Based on tallow (beef origin)
Has similar attributes as butter in regards to melting profile and industrial application
Compatible flavor and smell flagrance note compared to butter
Available during the whole year
Average cost saving 40/50%
100% substitution of butter (or you can substitute 50% if 100% is not required)
NO changes within storage OR procedures in manufacturing plants needed


Applications (butter substitute)
Confectionery / ice cream (AMF substitute)


Comparison Butter versus Tallow
Butter Melting point 32/35 degrees
Tallow 34/37 degrees
Butter flavor both
Creaming ability both


We can offer different solutions:
1. Buttery spread, 82% tallow with butter flavor and color (chilled/frozen)
2. Buttery replacer; 82% vegetable oil base with butter flavor and color (chilled/frozen)
3. Butter oil substitute, 99% Australian tallow with butter flavor and color (melting point/ storage as AMF)
4. AMF premium blends, 82% fat with 15% AMF (chilled/frozen)

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